Posts from November 2019

Posts from November 2019

Christmas decorating & stocking stuffers

Hi Church! Happy Thanksgiving Eve! Just wanted to remind you that this Sunday, December 1st we will be decorating the inside of the church building for Christmas. We will feed you lunch after church, soup and salad. We need people to climb ladders and hang stuff up high, we need kids to help decorate the Christmas tree in the fellowship hall. There is something for everyone to help with. Plus, you will get exercise and a workout walking up and down…

“Hearts and Hands” Special Next Sunday

Our kids are singing a special, “Hearts and Hands” with Ernestine Dillard, led by Lonnie Liggitt. After the service we will have a reception for Ernestine & ARA. Please see the sign up sheet on the Back Table for help with finger foods. People from the Alzheimer’s Resource Center will be visiting that day as well.

Missionary Offering

On Sunday December 8th we will take a special offering during the worship service to bless 10 of our missionaries and Boise Bible College with a special monetary gift for Christmas. This will go directly to the missionary. Our goal is $4,000.

FW: What passes for news here. :-)

Hello CCA  This goes out to our congregation, friends in the States and our missionaries too. Many love to hear what is happening here and around the world. Here is a note from Robert Rees who works in India. Your vision just enlarged! Deryl Titus From: Robert ReesSent: Saturday, October 19, 2019 2:29 AM These last few months have been all about translation for the most part. We finished translating, Exegetical Checking, and village checking Revelation. We were also able to…

finish the year well

Hello church  When we finished our Finance series in October, I was sad to see it end. I said I would continue to provide ideas for financial excellence. When a family gets its finances under the authority of the Universe Owner, they find His delightful results. Relationships improve, worries fade, dreams take shape. As you bring your finances under God’s guidance, your life becomes finely tuned and effective, and squandering is gone. You become the greatest resource God gives to the world.…

Financial Fitness contest

Financial Fitness contest. We can all make progress in using our Resources more Effectively, Biblically and Globally. October was Build your 2020 Spending Plan month. Check all the categories you can as you build a comprehensive plan. There’s still time! Some of the categories are: • Build you 2020 Spending Plan • Establish an Emergency Fund • Cutting up Credit Cards • Paying off 1, 2 or more debts• Starting your Christmas-No-Debt Fund Pick up a full contest sheet on…