Posts from January 2020

Posts from January 2020

Fur Rondy Presence

We need your help staffing a table with Discipling materials during Fur Rondy. Talk to Deryl. We are finding out if CCA can be part of Rondy. We could influence people of our city and in many of the villages of Alaska.

New Song for Sunday – Man of Sorrows

Happy Friday! I hope you enjoyed the couple days of warmer temps before this next cold snap… Below is a YouTube link to a new song we are going to sing in worship on Sunday. Try to listen to it before hand so you can sing along on Sunday. Have a great weekend!

Learn The Truth About Sex Trafficking In America

Hi Church, This whole month is Human Trafficking awareness month. Below is a clip from a movie that will be showing at Tikatnu Theater next Thursday night, January 23rd. Trafficking is happening in our city. Last Friday KTVA did a news report about local trafficking. Priceless, a group in Anchorage who helps trafficked victims, said they have had 6 cases of teens trafficking other teens from Anchorage’s high schools. Love Alaska which is the umbrella that Priceless is under is…

Wednesday nights Visionary Family

Hello CCA, This Wednesday we restart our Wednesday Night programs. Note the time change to accommodate getting your children home earlier for consistent bedtimes: 6-7:30. Dinner for a half hour, then classes for all ages from 6:30-7:30. 2 adult options are presented: Visionary Marriage. Their website Understanding how to get and give the most joy and track with God’s purpose for marriage and family. “Radical” small group study. Website is www.radical.netTaking Back your Faith from the American Dream.Make your life count. Adding power where needed, in the middle…

Volunteers Needed

Teacher to teach the elementary kids on Wednesday nights every other month. Nursery workers for Sundays during worship service time at 11am. Class helpers in elementary Sunday School classes. We need volunteers for Sunday and Wednesday classes. It can be a monthly basis for a 6 month period. All our teachers go through the membership class and all teachers and helpers get a background check. Please see Mandy if you can help!