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Mentor at Bowman

We are looking at partnering with Bowman Elementary again to provide adult mentors to students at Bowman. You could help with school work, help in the library, play at recess, there are a number of ways to help. If you are interested in working with students at Bowman let Mandy or Deryl know. There is a process to go through with an application and back ground check.

Volunteer in the church office during the week

Would you like to help in the church office during the week for an hour or so here and there? This would help when Mandy is out of the office. Mandy will be on vacation December 19-30, during that time we could use someone to print the bulletin, check phone messages and more if you had availability. See Mandy if you are interested.

Secret Sisters

Secret Sisters is a way to help ladies get to know each other a little better and to also encourage and pray for our sisters in Christ to develop a lasting relationship. Fill out the questionnaire about yourself, they are on the back table in the foyer. Then turn in your questionnaire next Sunday, Oct 2nd to Mandy or leave them in the box at the Back Table. You will be given your Secret Sister on Sunday Oct 9.

Live Debt-Free

This coming week God is going to freely bless us (if you qualified and signed up for the PFD). God watches how we use the resources he entrusts to us to see if we can be trusted with more that will be used for him and in his way. You might be your own limiting factor. Here’s the biblical way to use resources we have taught you over many years: 1. Give back to God’s work first. Start at 10%.…

Kilsons in Japan

Travis, Rebecca, Naomi, Maye & Daniel Kilson will be in Alaska Sept 28 – Oct 19. They are missionaries to Japan that CCA supports every month. Travis and Becky are originally from CCA and moved to Japan to be missionaries in 2015. On Sunday October 2nd they will be sharing about their work in Japan during the 11am worship service. We will have a potluck that day following worship.

New Women’s Bible Study starting this fall: Mama Bear Apologetics.

What is apologetics? It is the intellectual defense of the truth of the Christian religion. The word apologetics stems from the Greek word apologia, which means simply an answer given in reply. Think of this less as a debate and more like telling your friend about this buried chest you’ve found. You’re convinced the chest holds an infinitely invaluable treasure, but your friend has some questions. Enter apologetics. Put simply, it is the rational response against the objections people bring…

Missionaries Visiting

Travis and Rebecca Kilson from Japan will be visiting September 28 – October 19. Robert Rees from India will be visiting October 6-17. CCA supports all of these missionaries and we will hear updates from them while they are visiting. We will hear from the Kilsons about their work in Japan on October 2nd, potluck following worship. Then on October 9th we will here from Robert about his work translating the Bible.

Lawn Care

Our grass here at the church could use watering a couple times a week. We have all the necessary hoses and sprinklers here. Let Mandy know if you can help. If we had a few people who could help we could set up a schedule for watering.

Help Needed

Our lawn here at the church could use watering. We have all the necessary hoses and sprinklers here, just need someone to come and put the sprinkles out and move them around every 20 –30 minutes to get the whole yard, both at the church building and duplex. Let Mandy know if you can help.

Valentine Cookie Grams

Send your special someone(s) a cookie gram for Valentine’s Day this year. Your delivery will include 5 beautifully decorated jumbo sugar cookies and your personal note, packaged up in a valentine day themed bag. A personal porch delivery will be done by one of our Trail Life troop members on Saturday, February 12 between 10am and 5pm. Cost is $20.00. This fundraiser will help support our TrailLife troop in various activities. Please return you order form with payment by this…

Items Needed

Over the next couple months different people will be preaching. Some of those people will come from out of town and will be staying in the lower duplex. Rich is putting together necessities so the lower duplex is ready for someone to stay in, like an Airbnb. Here are some items we need: 2 matching end tables for master bedroom Ironing board

make it the best Christmas

Hello Church, Christmas can be the best time of year. I usually feel like I wish I could make the most of this wondrous season that passes too quickly. For some it is painful, because of family or loss. Maybe for all of us we can make some memories that will stick with us for a long time. Kelly and I have begun to think of ways to make this season delightful for us and for others. I want to…