Announcements (Page 27)

Announcements (Page 27)

Easter Expression #1

Why I am Glad I Found Out about the Resurrection … I am glad that I found out about the resurrection because it gives me hope that there is an attainable way to get to Heaven to be with my Lord. There would always be sin and, without the resurrection, no way to get beyond my human tendencies of sinning; and since the wages of sin is death, there would be no chance or hope of going to Heaven. Since…

Resurrection Day is Coming Up

Hello CCA! Resurrection Day is coming up. Mandy and I are crazy busy, researching and selecting ways to help you find this day of celebration and the days leading up to it, the best you’ve ever had. Sadly, she and I may be viewing this season as loads of work rather than loads of joy and ‘mystery’ over what we have in Jesus. We will work on our perspective ?. Mandy has sent out 2 emails I hope you are…

Note from Rapha House

This is a note from Rapha House. CCA supports Rapha House every month through cupcake sales and through your regular giving. Become familiar with what Rapha House is doing. As I am writing this to send to you I was listening to for King and County’s song Priceless. Read this letter from Rapha House and then listen to Priceless, I’ve attached a link to the song.