Deryl Titus

Deryl Titus

I feel like King David: “Who am I O Lord God, and what is my family, that You have brought me this far?”

I work at one of the best churches there is. Others have said this of CCA. We are in a state of anticipation and it is a delightful challenge. My life motto is: “To see that all people, everywhere, have the opportunity to hear, respond to and enjoy life with Jesus Christ.” CCA is doing that. It has the same heart as Christ: to reach the world with the Good News of living through Christ. We are refining how we meet the needs of more and more people coming through our doors each week. We are accountable to God for those people. Thus we are narrowing and honing our focus to “make disciples who become eager to make more disciples.” This is a fun time in our lives. We are seeing new people brought to Christ, older Christians excited about learning larger dimensions of faith, and young people bringing their friends.

My wife, Kelly, and I have raised our three children in this congregation. We have been in Alaska since 1977, just one year after being married. We have been at this church since 1980. These people are part of our family. We truly have “grown up together.” And, like life, we still are learning.

It is a reward to work at CCA where marriages find strength, parents have great mentors and people are helping one another live by faith.

I grew up fixing cars. My dad owned a gas station. God has brought to me more than I imagined. Our children and grandchildren live within miles of us. Our lives are busy. We don’t own a dog because he would have to raise himself, we are gone from home sometimes 14 hours a day. Would I trade my life? For what? “Only one life will soon be past – only what’s done for Christ will last.”

Mandy Thomas