Bible Timeline Infographic

( Timeline from our Chronological Life Application Study Bible that allows you to take a visual journey through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

Visual Overview of the Bible

( A visual overview of the Bible from the engaging Christian Basics Bible.

New Testament in 30 Days

Follow this easy schedule to read through the entire New Testament in just 30 Days.

Praying the Lord’s Model Prayer

Hey Church, Here is a weekly prayer plan you can transfer to your phone or other calendar.

Right Now Media

Instantly watch video Bible Studies in your classrooms, living rooms and on your mobile devices. If you don’t have an account through CCA, click here to get signed up.

God’s Perfect Marriage Counseling by Sherry Van Zante

“Driving through Bakersfield on our way home from Thanksgiving, I read billboards to stay awake. They came one after another. Suddenly, one read: “Need marriage counseling? I’m available. -God.” I laughed out loud. Loyd, asleep in the passenger seat, roused. “What’s so funny?” I told him about the billboard and he chuckled too, then settle back to sleep as I drove on. Married 35 years, we both know we’ve stayed together because God has always been available with strong, straightforward marriage counsel. We were both tickled to see this truth stated so bluntly.” Read More


 How to Share Your Faith Without Fear

This is a two part video series from the 401 class on how to share your faith without fear. In the first video, Deryl gives an introduction on an evangelism method and in the second video Deryl and Kaleb do a role play showing the method in action. Learn how to share your faith without fear!

March Adult Campus Archives

Every year during March we provide an intensive Bible class geared specifically for adults. We usually have a Bible College professor or guest speaker come share their knowledge on a specific topic. This class has become known as the “March Adult Campus.” This is an archive of those classes. Enjoy!


Personal Disciple Making Plan

As we follow Christ, he transforms our minds, our desires, our wills, our relationships, and our ultimate reason for living. Every disciple of Jesus exists to make disciples of Jesus, here and among every people group on earth. There are no spectators in the Great Commission. We are all born to reproduce the life of Christ in others. So how are you going to reproduce?

 My Radical Experiment

The Radical Experiment is a one-year commitment. The goal of the Radical Experiment is for individuals, families, and faith families to spend their lives together for the sake of the church, the lost, and the poor around the world to the glory of God.

Core 52 Information

You want to know the Bible better because you know the Bible will make you better. But where should I start? And how can I progress past the confusing parts? Core52 is your guide through the maze of a very big book. Welcome to the fast-track of biblical training.

Family Dedication FAQ

FAQ’s and an explanation of the process that CCA takes for a Family Dedication, formerly called a “Baby Dedication.”

 Christmas Reading Plan

Use this Bible reading plan and questions to get your family ready for Christmas.

 Determining Your Core Values

The is a worksheet from Dennis Rainey of Family Life Today, that you could use to ignite your own legacy and imagination. It will help you craft your own specially worded Family Core Values that you can put on an attractive plaque or frame to occupy a central wall space in your home that your family will readily see and visitors can observe as well.

Spiritual Gifts Assessment

The Spiritual Gifts Assessment will help you to understand and find out what your God given spiritual gifts are. This will help you to find the best place to serve based on your gifts, interests, etc.

 Personal Profile Form

This is a form used in the 301 Class, “Discovering My Ministry.”

The Story Archives

This is an archive of the devotions that we used while we went through The Story.

 CCA’s Facebook Guidelines

There are many Christians on Facebook. It can be a great forum to promote living in Christ and acclaim his miraculous change in ourselves. It is also useful for keeping in touch with brothers and sisters in Christ. Use wisely.

 CCA’s Communion “How to”

This is a guide for those who have been asked to give a “communion thought” in preparation for the Lord’s Supper. It was developed to alleviate fears and give some guidelines on what to talk about.

 Deryl’s Prayer “4-list”

I pray this “4-list” at the start of each prayer time to remind me Whom I serve, and that I need to be a servant that God can trust with truly powerful answers. – Deryl Titus.

 CCA’s Scholarship Fund Info

The Scholarship Fund was established to offset costs associated with full-time studies during first-year (Freshman) attendance at a CCA-approved New Testament bible college or Christian institution (including vocational). This may include any direct or indirect costs associated with the studies.

 “Blue Card” – How to Share Your Faith Without Fear

This is an outline of the questions and scriptures used in the evangelism method, “How to Share Your Faith Without Fear.” Print this out and keep it in your Bible so that you can easily share your faith with your family and friends! Watch these videos so that you can learn how!

Share Your Faith Without Fear – Training Guide

This is a a training guide that goes with the course “Share Your Faith Without Fear” also known as Discovering My Life Mission – Evangelism Class 401.

Handling Objections

When you present the gospel, the “enemy” will have his workmen doing their best to block your presentation. This guide will help you to learn what to do when an objection is raised.

Sample Budget Spreadsheet

This is a Microsoft Office spreadsheet template that you can use to set up your Spending Plan, your Prosperity Plan, your Saving Plan and your Giving Plan.

Sermon on Giving

This is a manuscript of a sermon on giving by Paul Houston.

School Season Prayer for our City | Seven Circles of Prayer

Use these two guides to help you pray for Anchorage and the world.