Back To Church Sunday

Back To Church Sunday

Happy Friday!! I am loving the sunshine we have had the last few days!

Next Sunday is Back To Church Sunday, we have called it Fall Kick Off in the past. We are going to start calling it Back to Church Sunday because it is a national movement to get congregations across America to invite people back to church.

I made invitations last week for you all to pick up to hand out to friends and neighbors. I put them on the Back Table, BUT I totally forgot to announce that they were back there (insert forehead slap here =) )

So, they are all ready for you to pick up this Sunday so you can hand them out. But Deryl thought of a different way you could invite people. I have attached 2 of the graphics I used on the invites (image1, image2). You can open it on your phone or computer and send the graphic to your friends on your contact list. It’s pretty easy from your phone. You just click the image and you can send it by text, email, put it on your Facebook page or Instagram. Speaking of Facebook, I made an event for Back To Church Sunday and you can share that event.

Here are some different phrases you can include with the image:

Back to church Sunday could be what you are looking for.
Maybe you have lost the habit of going to church.
Maybe you have been wanting to start going to church.
Maybe you have some questions about church.

Would you join me there?