Mission Updates

Mission Updates

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Hello CCA  This goes out to our congregation, friends in the States and our missionaries too. Many love to hear what is happening here and around the world. Here is a note from Robert Rees who works in India. Your vision just enlarged! Deryl Titus From: Robert ReesSent: Saturday, October 19, 2019 2:29 AM These last few months have been all about translation for the most part. We finished translating, Exegetical Checking, and village checking Revelation. We were also able to…

FW: Insider’s Alert

Hello CCA and family. Here is the recent report from Lee Turner who, with his son Jonathan, minister to the Muslim world. Jonathan will be here in October to lead our Missions Conference along with Doug Reed of LATM (Literature And Teaching Ministries) http://latm.info/ Participating in changing people’s destiny Deryl Titus

Branham’s Snapshot. last Sunday. this coming Sunday.

Hello CCA This prayer directive below, will augment my main 2 points from last Sunday: Divine Appointments and Go with the Power of God. Everyday, God puts in front of you people and situations in which you could make an eternal difference, like the prayer suggested by our missionary friend, Rob Branham, below. So, would you, each and every day, wake up, realizing that God IS going to put Divine Encounters (people in need of Him) in your path for…

Insider’s Alert – July

Hello Church, This is from our Missionary to the Muslims. You will find the information useful as you examine world events and learn how to pray for the nations to turn to Christ. Read to the end. You are in it ? For The King and the expansion of His Kingdom. Deryl Titus Attached is the newest Insider’s Alert from Lee Turner with Key Communications.

Conversing With The Master and His plan.

You are “making the jump to lightspeed” in your prayer life when you learn to pray for others. Our young prayer life usually mimics a McDonald’s drive-through: “May I take your order please?” We pray like God is there to listen to us and pull our order from his warehouse. The Bible does says “make your requests known to God.” But your prayer life begins to accelerate when you begin to pray over the big items in the world that…

Servant heart this Sunday

Hello Church! Servant heart. That is the subject that Robbie Mullinax will present during our worship this Sunday. He and his daughters will tell of their mission trip to Honduras. From a church blog: “An Easy Way to Tell If You Have a Servant Heart is how you act when you’re treated like a servant.” “There are 2 verses I cite to myself every day: Romans 12:4 (“Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think…

We couldn’t do this without you …

Click on this link to read the annual report of Rapha House. Rapha House is one of the missions CCA supports through your offerings. Rapha House rescues children from human trafficking and gives them a place to live while providing healing and support. Read what they have been doing in 2017. Rapha House started with one home in Cambodia. They now have 4 houses, in 3 countries. Be praying for the staff and children at each of these homes.


Starting TODAY through May 27th, Robbie Mullinax and the girls will be taking donations of gently used children shoes and dental hygiene products for their Honduras Mission Trip. They will be gone May 31st – June 12th. There will be a box in the entry way for all donations. Robbie and the girls go as part of TORCH Missions which supports villages in and around Tegucigalpa, Honduras through home building, food distribution, VBS productions, and orphanage upkeep. Please pray for…

Note from Rapha House

This is a note from Rapha House. CCA supports Rapha House every month through cupcake sales and through your regular giving. Become familiar with what Rapha House is doing. https://raphahouse.org/about As I am writing this to send to you I was listening to for King and County’s song Priceless. Read this letter from Rapha House and then listen to Priceless, I’ve attached a link to the song. https://worshipfuel.ccli.com/priceless-king-country/