Branham’s Snapshot. last Sunday. this coming Sunday.

Branham’s Snapshot. last Sunday. this coming Sunday.

Hello CCA

This prayer directive below, will augment my main 2 points from last Sunday: Divine Appointments and Go with the Power of God. Everyday, God puts in front of you people and situations in which you could make an eternal difference, like the prayer suggested by our missionary friend, Rob Branham, below. So, would you, each and every day, wake up, realizing that God IS going to put Divine Encounters (people in need of Him) in your path for His power to flow through your words, to lend a hand toward someone trusting in Christ to be their answer to the darkness of life on earth.

This Sunday, I will share a very interesting passage of scripture from the next installment of our study through Acts (chapter 16.14) “as Lydia listened, The Lord opened her heart to respond to Paul’s message.” Do some scripture study how this could be useful as we understand our salvation and helping other people come to a saving response to Christ.

See you Sunday. Have stories of Divine Encounters / Divine Appointments with people.

Living in the Power of the King of the Universe,