Barefoot Mile on Saturday

Barefoot Mile on Saturday

Hello Church,

Here’s a note from a local company where one of our members works, regarding the 3rd annual Alaska Barefoot Mile Walk this Saturday. watch the 3 videos on the website.

The Barefoot Mile is a 1-mile barefoot walk where participants stand behind the cause of human trafficking and walk in solidarity with children in poverty, who are the most vulnerable to trafficking. The Barefoot Mile can remind us how effective our community can be when we join for a common goal, which is the safety of innocent individuals. Walk and take your place for the safety of the most vulnerable.

Deryl Titus

(following is a note from Davis Constructors in Anchorage) :

“Davis Constructors, Joy International and Priceless have joined together again to host the 3rd annual Alaska Barefoot Mile Walk. We are asking our community and fellow businesses to join in with us on the fight against Human Trafficking. Attached is our 2019 BFM Sponsorship package for your use and information. We are presenting the Walk in memory of Josh and Andrew Pepperd, and asking for your support.

This event was near and dear to Josh’s heart, and we would like to share with you, Josh’s last words he wrote on Sept 27th, 2018 with regards to this cause. (the owner, Josh was killed in a helicopter accident shortly after writing this)

“Businesses cannot escape the mandate to be good stewards of their resources. At a basic level, the work of our hands should produce something that allows us to support our families and pursue sound business strategies. But it should be so much more than that. When scripture speaks of recognizing Gods goodness and sovereign provision, it speaks of the first fruits of all that comes into our ‘storehouses’. We have many first fruits that He provides to us in our world today…from health insurance to 401k, stocks, investments, wages, dividends, etc. God provides all of these and we need to be good stewards of them…which does not mean putting it under a rock and letting some minimal interest rate compound it. I’m thankful that the great people at Davis and Mass Excavation jump in with things like the Barefoot Mile to be stewards of their resources in a way that lifts up the good in our community.

If the number of businesses and individuals would leverage their resources and join Priceless and others in this fight, this is an evil that could be stopped in our community, we don’t have to accept it and if we do nothing – that is exactly what we do…”

Come walk with us downtown to help us spread awareness. If you find you are unable to attend, or make a contribution at this time, please pass this email on to everyone you know. All of us here at Davis Constructors & Engineers Greatly appreciate all the help and support from each and every one of you! J