Building anticipation for Easter

Building anticipation for Easter

Hello CCA family,

The best day on the calendar for Christians is Easter.

How are you prepping to make Easter a bigger celebration than Christmas? Kelly and I have decorated for Easter, been reading YouVersion devotionals, had people over to pray during our fasting week. I’m trying to view Easter through the eyes of a child so I have a fresh excitement and awe.

Sunday I gave you 2 sentences to direct your Easter prayers:

Praying for our people that are in our church.
Praying for the people of Anchorage who aren’t in any church.
(I told you the Deacons and I prayed over every one of you on Saturday. One of the guys said “that was good” to me afterwards. It was. You are important to us. You make CCA.)

Here’s an invitation: this Friday, which is Good Friday, we invite you over to our house beginning at 7:30 – a) to pray for each of us at CCA to get just what we need out of your Easter celebration b) for our upcoming Associate Minister whom God is preparing, c) for the people of Anchorage to respond to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and start a relationship with Jesus this Easter d) then a time just for fellowship and laughter afterwards to have fun as the CCA family.

So happy Easter prepping! Read the Easter stories with your family.

Stop over on Good Friday.

May God bless you and use you beyond your imagination. Look for opportunities to give an invitation to Easter. I did today at the hospital. People were glad to think of Easter. God wants His churches full of worshippers.