Congregational Vote & New Emergency Order

Congregational Vote & New Emergency Order

Hi CCA! Happy Friday!

This past Sunday John Toms announced that the elders are recommending Jason Jackson for the position of Associate Minister. We will vote on this recommendation on August 2nd. If you are not present at church that day you can call or text one of the elders on Sunday morning between 10a-12pm to tell them yes you affirm that decision or no you do not.

(Deryl Titus, Rick Elliott, or John Toms)

If you have any questions regarding the hiring of Jason or the voting process please don’t hesitate to call one of the elders.

This coming Wednesday, July 29th in preparation for the vote on August 2nd the elders are asking that you fast and pray that day between 6am-6pm (or any time that you choose) regarding hiring Jason.

Regarding the new Emergency Order from the Mayor. I listened to the Mayor’s speech on Wednesday and then I emailed the Mayor’s office for clarification.

We are allowed to have more than 25 people in attendance at Church. They said the 25 person limit does not apply to churches, but that we should still maintain social distancing and mask wearing, as we have been.

Your spiritual and physical wellbeing are of the utmost importance to us! For your spiritual wellbeing we hope that you are in fellowship with us. Please join us in person on Sundays, or online for service, or through one of our zoom fellowship groups throughout the week. You can find a zoom small group on our website.

For your physical wellbeing we sanitize the sanctuary, bathrooms, foyer, doors, handrails in between the 9am and 11am service. We social distance, every other row of chairs is taped off so there is a row between each household. We wear masks, as Christians we are supposed to take care of one another and do what is best for our neighbor, at this time that is wearing masks for the sake of our brothers and sisters.

May God continue to bless you and use you to bless others in His Name.