faith-sharing insights

faith-sharing insights

Hello CCA,

Tonight at Wednesday Night Alive we are finishing one elective class, Radical by David Platt.

We are also starting a 2 week crash course on Lee Strobel’s insightful work, The Case for Christ. We will watch 3 sessions tonight and 3 next Wednesday. Both weeks will be 42 minutes of video with 10 minutes of questions/discussion and praying in small groups to conclude. This will be good for new Christians, mature Christians and those wondering about Christ. It will help you with information to share and answering people’s questions about faith. This can be useful during our Fur Rondy table-time in the Midtown Mall (formerly Sears Mall)

The topics in The Case for Christ:

  1. The investigation of a lifetime. Why is it critical for you to investigate the claim that Jesus is the son of God and the savior? “It doesn’t matter how you get there.”
  2. Eyewitness evidence. What do eyewitnesses prove to us about Jesus? Cover his ministry and DBR.
  3. Evidence outside the Bible. What is said about Jesus and the faith of his followers from non-biblical sources? What do those imply?
  4. Analyzing Jesus. Strobel said, “after all, a roving apocalyptic preacher from the first century could make no demands on me.”  People say the Jesus on the pages of the ‘gospels’ is a legendary invention developed over the years. How would you counter that idea? What kind of man was he? What made him unique?
  5. Evidence for the Resurrection. Describe the evidence we have that Jesus died, that he was buried, and that he was raised from the dead.
  6. Reaching your verdict. There are examples of circumstantial evidence cited. Which one helps you the most? Another factor mentioned, is evidence of changed lives even to this day. What does this show? And how has it impacted your life?  Use the opposite page to draft your own personal testimony and help someone consider Christ entering into their own life.

As you make sold-out disciples,
Deryl Titus