Finance Series, Missionary Thanks and Thanksgiving

Finance Series, Missionary Thanks and Thanksgiving

Hello CCA,

A. I would like some feedback ?

Considering the Faithful in Finance series I just completed:

  1. What was the most helpful information or practical ideas for you?
  2. Have you been able thus far to implement something from the series?
  3. Do you remember the 4 Biblical Plans I laid out for you? Send back a message to see if you remember ?
  4. Let me know if you noticed a suggestion I could implement for the future.

B. Here’s a note from Rob Branham (we support his family in Missions) responding to the news of our Mission’s Conference and the generous amount raised for Mission work at the auction:

Thanks for sharing this wonderful news that God’s people are soooo faithful!!!  Just so you know we don’t take their faith and giving for granted….we are reminded every month of what wonderful people are at CCA!  I have to tell you that we think of you often and thank God every time we get to reach out and serve God in this place because the people of CCA have made a conscious choice to Love God in this special way….please pass along our thanks and amazing gratitude.

As Paul said, we thank God for every remembrance of you guys and can’t wait till we can give you big hugs and tell you that in person.

Love you so much,

Rob and Lynne Branham

C. Thanksgiving is one of our therapeutic holidays.

Do some reading and research along with me during this season through the end of this year. It will lift your spirit and give you inspiring ideas for your own use. Here’s my first quick ‘google it’ reading:

“Thankful people appreciate what they have instead of obsessing over what they lack. They express gratitude to others, and often receive more gratitude in return as a result. They see each day as a new opportunity for happiness, rather than another challenge to struggle through.” wikiHow

God bless and use you in ways beyond your pay-grade,

Deryl Titus

Ps: CCA men, don’t forget this Saturday at 8:30 is your Men’s Summit. The ladies are cooking breakfast and putting together a lunch. They know they will be recipients from what we learn.

Leave a witness at Halloween ?