finish the year well

finish the year well


Hello church 

When we finished our Finance series in October, I was sad to see it end. I said I would continue to provide ideas for financial excellence. When a family gets its finances under the authority of the Universe Owner, they find His delightful results. Relationships improve, worries fade, dreams take shape. As you bring your finances under God’s guidance, your life becomes finely tuned and effective, and squandering is gone. You become the greatest resource God gives to the world.

The 4 Biblical Resource Plans are interconnected: Your Spending Plan, Generosity Plan, Saving Plan(s), and your Global Influencing plan. As you begin to plan your resources for Global Influencing you have shifted into overdrive. You start to give serious thought to what you are doing with your life. You give attention to more significant issues. You start asking God what HE wants you to do. You think about wastefulness. You may plan a mission trip to a destination that interests you. You start being aware that your life plans are changing increasingly toward helping others find and follow Jesus. You become aware that God has placed you with the people around you every day, for the greater work He intends for you to accomplish. You have conversations with God about your conversations with people, persuading them to choose God. You seek out training to be skillful in presenting the reality of God and the wisdom of choosing Him. You expect God to use you, far above your “pay grade”.

Here’s a possible sequence: List your income; list your expenses, your comprehensive Spending Plan. Start a plan of monthly generosity and faithfulness to God’s call to participate in His work through His Church. Stop going further into debt and start a “snowball” plan to get out of the debt you have. Save for emergencies and the upcoming expenses you plan for – pay with cash rather than “credit”. View your life as a resource of restoration. Consider what goals you should alter to align with God’s plan for your life. See yourself as the Masterpiece God has made and the masterpieces he intends for you to make in the lives of people and the environments they live under. Get real familiar with Ephesians 2.10. we are His masterpiece to accomplish masterpiece work around us.

Keep making progress in your 4 resource plans. It has taken me years to modify my spending habits and the results are joyous. Take me up on the offer of rewarding your progress by some coffee dates and even a dinner date with Kelly and I. Contest descriptions are on the Back Table and will be on the website.

Enjoy the words even now, “Well done!”