Fur Rondy outreach

Fur Rondy outreach


Hello CCA 

We have a surprising opportunity open to us this year. The Anchorage Fur Rendezvous draws crowds from the city, from villages throughout Alaska and even International visitors. CCA has requested a table in the Midtown Mall during Rondy, where we can make Faith material available to people who will come here to enjoy this midwinter festival.

Here are some of the materials we will make available to people:

  • Copies of our 9 session Discipling Guide with a sign advertising – “Would you like to help a friend grow in their Faith?” This can be a non- confrontational way to help both people grow in their faith no matter where they currently are at in The Faith. Can you imagine Anchorage citizens starting a study with a friend? Or taking some faith guides into AK villages or even going back to distant countries? Can you imagine the opportunities for God’s Spirit to work in hearts you will never know this side of Eternity?
  • Copies of “The Case for Easter” by Lee Strobel.
  • Offer a “Case for Christ 6 week study” on a future date to interested inquirers. (we own that).
  • Make available, Pocket size New Testaments (w. Psalms and Proverbs) with a suggested reading guide of scripture regarding coming to saving faith.

The Dates are February 28 – March 8.

Filling out paperwork for the Mall requires the names of people who will help ‘man’ the table. I need your help! What hours during those dates can you help at the table? Mall hours are M-F 10 am – 8 pm. Saturday 10 am – 7 pm. Sunday noon – 6 pm.


Please respond back to me today or tomorrow. Any amount of hours will help. Otherwise I will ask you to lead Wednesday’s and Sunday’s while I am there 

  1. You don’t have to ‘know everything’ to help someone consider more about Jesus.
  2. Just bring a heart interested in people’s eternal destination.
  3. I will provide some training in answering some potential questions.
  4. You can bring a friend and won’t be alone.
  5. The bibles will actually give a short path to learn about Jesus if someone asks some advice.
  6. So you can get ‘pumped’ and prepare, we will show all 6 lessons of Case for Christ video series the next 2 Wednesday nights. 3 per night. That is 42 minutes each Wednesday night with time for questions.
  7. We will do a crash course in our “Share your faith without Fear” evangelism presentation.
  8. You can donate time and financially to this. Materials will probably cost $500-$1000.

Please respond back to me today or tomorrow, with questions or hours and days you can help.

Here are some of the Rondy events that I hope you will enjoy:

Fat tire bike ride
Running of the reindeer
Running with the critters for kids
Snow sculpture contest
Blanket toss
Photo contest
Ice bowling
Snowshoe softball
Sled dog races
Fur auction
Native arts market
Hockey tournament
Beard and mustache competition
Family ice skate
Cornhole championship
Talent competition
Downtown start of the Iditarod race