Live Debt-Free

Live Debt-Free

This coming week God is going to freely bless us (if you qualified and signed up for the PFD). God watches how we use the resources he entrusts to us to see if we can be trusted with more that will be used for him and in his way. You might be your own limiting factor. Here’s the biblical way to use resources we have taught you over many years: 1. Give back to God’s work first. Start at 10%. 2. Save 10%. There are 4 things to save for, the first being an emergency fund if you don’t have one already. 3. Pay off or pay down debt. No debt is liberating and removes you from being enslaved to others. 4. Live joyously and gratefully on the surplus. Mark “PFD” when you contribute from this blessing so we can tabulate how we are going to assist some groups in Anchorage. You will hear more on Sunday.

CCA Elders.


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