Missions Conference Follow Through

Missions Conference Follow Through

Hi CCA ?

Personally, I had no worries about reaching our Missions Conference financial goal of $10K. (it is currently over $11,800 – more may come in) You folks are always generous toward projects and Mission work. Most of you just received State money and you are encouraging me by applying the Biblical Saving Plan principles I have talked about for years. I am proud of your accomplishments and your heart for Kingdom Missions.

We had some insightful and inspiring messages from Jonathan Turner and Doug Reed. And they challenged us to advance in our Disciple-making focus. They broke the Great Commission into bite sized chunks to ponder and put into practice. All Authority… Christian Maturity Model… As you go… Disciple as a noun and a verb… and finally, “with you always”.

What about follow-through with what we learned?

Here are some questions and my personal take-home:

For me, 2 things stuck: God has gifted me with the ability to pretty easily engage people in a conversation. I can learn to more skillfully ask a ‘God’ and ‘church’ question. And I will. Secondly, it was helpful for me to hear this idea: “When I am going to the store I am going to “disciple” people, bringing a thought about God into their life. While I am there I am going to buy a loaf of bread.” “When I go to the restaurant I am going there to “disciple” people. While I am there I am going to order a meal.” This concept occurs every activity I engage in, even at home when I drive through the neighborhood.

So, what are your take-aways? How did God inspire you to take action? What thoughts came to mind for your “disciple-making” strategy?

Give it some thought and send back some of your action plans or things you want to dwell on.

God bless you so you have much to give others… maybe Eternity!