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news you can use

Hello CCA,

Generosity is winning. (Not losing)

Do you remember I said Sunday that Proverbs has 8W‘s in it as themes, one of those being wealth? Here’s one about generosity:

“A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.”

Proverbs 11:25 NIV

Would you read about generosity this week? Here’s the true story of a faith-filled widow:

“He also saw a poor widow put in two very small copper coins.”

Luke 21:2 NIV

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Read the context.

Did you notice Jesus was watching.

Jesus is noting what we do with the resources he shares with us to fill the earth with worshippers.

I can think of 3 reasons we want to race toward generosity:

it makes you realize what you have and have been given. That’s joy and gratitude and places you in a position of power. It makes you realize your abundance. All good characteristics.

Generosity keeps you from insatiable greed. You know you can’t satisfy all you want.

And generosity pleases God. And that places you in his favor for having the same heart he has. Good reasons my friends to excel in generosity.

Would you consider a couple things regarding generosity: PFD’s are a free way of expressing generosity. I hope you don’t budget those as necessities but of opportunities. Would you save a generous portion for CCA’s upcoming Missions Conference? And would you plan now to clear your schedule to participate in each Conference session beginning Friday October 19? Your preacher and our two speakers have been planning the training for this for a year and a half.

You are working on your 2019 spending plan? Remember the thorough tool on the CCA Website.

You gave Frank Mutchie 100% affirmation as our newest Deacon. I think you are the ones who will be the benefactors.

Pray with me that CCA will be a faithful church of expanding the reach of Christ.

A joyous future for ourselves and those we touch.

Deryl Titus

I am preaching on God’s Generosity Plan this Sunday. Bring your friends and see if they find any flaws ?