Our first Sunday back!!

Our first Sunday back!!

Hey Church!

The sunshine is so great!! I hope you are able to get out and enjoy it today.

Here are some things to know for this coming Sunday:

  • You may bring your own coffee or water. There will not be any coffee available =(  Please take the cups you bring home for disposal or washing.  
  • Communion: bread and juice will be in separate cups. Please pick up a cup of bread and a cup of juice before you enter the sanctuary. The communion trays will be on tables right outside the Gathering Room.
  • Masks: Church . . . one of the many issues we need to deal with for our church service this weekend is whether or not we should wear masks. There are many opinions and thoughts on whether or not masks are necessary, whether not wearing masks is rude or uncaring, etc…. There are probably as many opinions as there are church members =)

Our goal as a church ought to be to create an environment where we can make as many people feel safe coming to worship as possible. Because that is our goal (maximizing the number of people who can attend church) rather than winning the opinion wars, we are asking that those of you who don’t feel a mask is necessary to make a small sacrifice this Sunday and wear a mask anyway. It really is a small inconvenience that will give great comfort to some of your brothers and sisters. 

At the same time, if someone is not wearing a mask, they will not be turned away. Please do not feel compelled to criticize or correct them. They may not have gotten the word or there may be a good reason for them not to wear a mask. Social distancing standards will be in place for seating so mask or no mask we will have a safe service.

  • If you are showing any symptoms of Covid-19 or if you have any underlying at-risk health conditions, please stay home and watch online. The 9am service will be live online.
  • Seating in the sanctuary for social distancing:
    • Every other row of chairs in the sanctuary is roped off, leaving 5 rows in each section (left side, middle, right side), with 6 chairs per row.
    • Individuals – An individual may sit at either end of a row, with 4 empty chairs in the middle.
    • Couples – A couple from the same household may sit anywhere in a row. One couple per row.
    • Families – A family (2-6 people) from the same household may sit anywhere in a row. One family per row.
  • Parents, please keep your children with you at all times. They will want to hug their friends and not everyone is comfortable with that. Take them to the bathroom if needed, please don’t let them roam the building. We will have areas not being used roped off so we don’t have to sanitize an area that isn’t being used. After service is over exit the building with your kids, feel free to visit with others in the parking lot.
  • Remember there will not be any children’s church, nursery, or preschool. There is a changing table in the lady’s restroom up by the sanctuary.
  • Please maintain social distancing when you enter the building, the church is responsible for everyone’s safety and piece of mind.
  • All we have been hearing are restrictions, let’s come ready to praise God on Sunday for all he has done. Come ready with a sentence of praise, Deryl will give people an opportunity to say “I praise God because…” “I praise God for… “ God has made me aware of…”