our study this week

our study this week

Hello CCA. May you have a good start to the week. Look for your privileges from God and your purpose to the world.

The Ascension – chapter 38 in Core 52. Visit www.core52.org to login and watch videos on each chapter and gain skills in memorizing the core verses. When you have the bible in your head you have immediate access to the mind of God and the power of God.

It’s easy for the ascension to get lost in the details of the crucifixion and the resurrection. The purpose of the ascension is just as important to our faith and our practice of Christianity because it matters to you and me and it matters today.

The Ascension (Jesus leaving earth and going back to God the Father, after accomplishing everything he was sent to do – for us) shows three things: 1) Jesus is exalted beside God – he really was who he said he was. 2) Jesus is defending us before God. 3) Jesus is reminding us that the most important thing to remember every day is that Jesus is returning for us. That matters! It matters in your decisions for the day and your purpose you give to your life today.

  1. Read the essay as a family from page 256. (in answering your child’s questions you prepare them to keep their faith as they encounter doubt and ridicule in school and when they leave home they take their faith and service to God with them – vital for a huge family reunion in Heaven).
  2. Memorize the core verse – When he had said these things, as they were looking on, he was lifted up, and a cloud took him out of their sight. Acts 1.8
  3. Read all of Acts chapter 1
  4. Meditate on John 16.7; Ephesians 4.8 – 10; Revelation 1.7.
  5. Take a moment to imagine Jesus enthrone next to the father. How could that image alter your actions today?

Jesus shoots you like an arrow out into the world. He empowers you to influence people and environments in unimagined ways. Just show up and he will shoot you out.