Small Groups this Fall

Small Groups this Fall

Would you join or start a small group this Fall. Here are some that will be offered:

1. We are the church… let’s Act like it. Many people think the church has become a social club with little impact on the world. That is not God’s plan for the church. “We Are the Church . . . Let’s Act Like It” takes readers through the book of Acts, looking at what it means to be the church of Jesus Christ, the world-changing church that Jesus intended.
In We Are the Church… Linda Tower Pevey offers the church practical and biblical ways to live out its mandate to be a church that positively impacts its community and the world.
We Are the Church… Let’s Act Like It is a 7-week study that helps readers see the biblical vision for the church and a vision for what the church can be today. In it, Pevey offers encouragement that the church can truly be a transformative presence in the world, just as the early church was in the book of Acts. Learn the book of Acts and how you can be part of it’s continuing story of today.

2. A second small group option is to help people who would like to lead a small group; a small group for small group leaders. Deryl and others will coach leaders through the RightNow Media series called 6 TIPS FOR A GREAT SMALL GROUP by BILL SEARCH

3. Would you like to work on making your financial picture into a better picture? We are designing a small group that will teach and encourage you to be a better steward of the resources that God gives to all of us. These and others are being offered both as in-person and including Zoom for those participating at a distance.

4. Another small group planned for the future in an in-person setting will be based on the book: “Big Prayer.”

5. One of our members is doing a small group Bible study at Hope House Transitional Living for women. She would like to have other ladies assisting and ministering to the ladies present.

Contact the church office for more information and to register to join with the leaders of these. 522-6020.