The Mystery of this Child

The Mystery of this Child

Hello Church,

Have you begun to see that Christmas is not a holiday it’s a mystery? A mystery revealed.

May this Christmas season make you wonder, imagine and revel in uncovering the mystery of Christmas and what it can mean for you.

Would you read the following scriptures about this mystery of God that was planned for you, before you ever began to look for God or look at God.

God has things for you, you would never imagine in your own mind…. Find them!

And would you remain compelled to share them. Anchorage needs what you are discovering about “Christ in you”.

Study these with your family. Discuss what they might mean to your family.

Merry Christmas for the rest of your life.

What events and people God putting before at various moments each day? Look for them  He wants to use you to change the course of people’s lives.