Easter Expression #1

Easter Expression #1

Why I am Glad I Found Out about the Resurrection …

I am glad that I found out about the resurrection because it gives me hope that there is an attainable way to get to Heaven to be with my Lord. There would always be sin and, without the resurrection, no way to get beyond my human tendencies of sinning; and since the wages of sin is death, there would be no chance or hope of going to Heaven.

Since the Garden of Eden, God saw that mankind would not be able to go through life without sin. Old Testament rituals of sacrificing animals and other things in their lives didn’t quite seem to be the answer to cancelling out the sin of man. God sent his Son Jesus to provide the ultimate sacrifice through death on the cross as payment for our sins, so we could have a chance at getting into Heaven.

Without the sacrifice that Jesus made for us all, the resurrection that proved, above all, that He was the Son of God by being resurrected from the dead and that there was truly be life after death. Jesus had lived the perfect life and He didn’t deserve to die, but out of his love for us and to fulfill the scriptures, He allowed himself to be delivered up to be beaten and crucified so that we sinners, unable to gain God’s forgiveness on our own, could have life everlasting in Heaven with God and Jesus.

The resurrection was something that no prophet or religious figurehead before or ever since the crucifixion of Jesus Christ has ever done, proving that Jesus Christ truly is the Son of the only God in existence and that the price was paid for our sins. Proof of the resurrection is written in the Bible as he appeared after his death to the Apostles, even to the doubting He said “stick your fingers in the nail holes in my hands!” The resurrection of Jesus Christ was something so amazing and powerful, definitive proof that God is real and He loves us and we have a way to heaven through the the ultimate sacrifice made by God and Jesus, truly something to be glad about!