The best of Christmas

The best of Christmas

Christmas at CCA

Hello Church

Christmas is usually a whirlwind and often we miss it in the crush. Avoid that by planning out what you would like to do, see and accomplish. Don’t settle for only buying presents! Let the season and the reason move you. These will help you:

  1. Offering for our Missionaries. This Sunday. $3000 is our target. I love CCA’s generosity. I can’t wait to see it. We will bless 10 Missionary families!
  2. Wish-list Gifts for kids-in-need at Bowman Elementary. Maybe go shopping with your kids or grandkids for the Bowman kids you choose. Star wars and Batman Legos, footballs, basketballs, board games are generic. Household items, towel sets,  and clothes are child specific. The list will be on the Back Table.
  3. Christmas Eve. Worship, praise and fellowship afterwards. Begins at 6.
  4. “What Child is this?” is our focus for December. Read these scriptures with your family this month and let the scripture lead you to questions to discuss. “Jesus designed his own birth.” “Jesus came for a cross but will return for a crown.” “Jesus brought gifts to his own birth.” “He was alive before he was born.” “When a baby arrives in your home, he rearranges everything.”  John 1, Hebrews 2, Ephesians 1, Colossians 1, Isaiah 7.14 and 9.6,7. Matthew 1 and 2; Luke 1 and 2.
  5. Invitations to find the love of Jesus. Keep inviting friends to find Jesus. Christmas makes people a little more focused on God’s Son. Ask God to burn a need in their heart. Ask questions. Get people to think. Make them know you are interested in what they think! Help them think a bit further. “I know your kids are so important to you! Why are you not aggressively taking care of their eternal future? You don’t leave anything else to chance.” “Come to church with me and tell me later what you don’t like or agree with.” “What have you learned about God so far? How much have you thought about Jesus coming from Heaven? Why do you think He did that?”
  6. Live Nativity. Join the fun. Wave at Anchorage driving by. Inspire people from our corner. Bring a friend. Dress in costume. December 21, 22, 23.
  7. Google your own Research of Christ and Christmas on. Surprise me with what you find.
  8. “Count on me!” Help us Connect people to Jesus and one another. Out next Understanding Membership Class is Sunday, December 9 from 1-4. Lunch provided.
  9. Make Memories with family and friends this season. See the sights and lights around town. Have some friends over. Do a service project or meet a need with someone else.

Pass on blessings and maybe help someone find eternity in the Christ of Christmas this season.