Employing and enjoying the therapy of Thanksgiving

Employing and enjoying the therapy of Thanksgiving

Hello CCA

Researching and studying Thanksgiving has been rich for me. I am hearing some rumblings it has been rewarding for you. Keep at it. Put Praise into your morning routine. Everything will call you away from Praise!! Everything… the news, out of coffee filters (that really happened ), thinking about the day’s demands, sick child, latest add on your phone, etc. The Enemy does not want you to Praise. Put that chair out the night before.

  1. Start with Praise! Praise for who God is and for what he has done. The link for the names and character of God comes in here. Read the scriptures that do with those. Those have personally taken me on a deepening understanding of the “who God is” part.  https://www.navigators.org/resource/praying-names-attributes-god/
  2. Thanksgiving puts God where He needs to be – at the top of your gratitude and recognition radar. Thanksgiving also puts you where you need to be – awareness that God works for the good of His people … and he will in the situation you are currently in. This highly elevates our faith. Thanksgiving is His clearly stated will for you. You do well when you do God’s will!
  3. Then Peace. An unexplainable peace. Peace that isn’t logically available given the circumstances. Yet peace is there! Peace arrives with trust. And trust will be available to you through the first 2 –  Praise and Thanksgiving.

Here is a link for you as you praise, as you prepare to attend our Praise Services each week, and as you fast and pray in advance for the effectiveness of our weekly assembly.


I have these both these links on my phone message file so they are always with me. Use them .  And become mighty men and women of God.

Here is how I closed out the message Sunday, on stage 3 – Peace:

  • Right now would you write down what are the biggest issues in your life.
  • First Praise
  • Then Thank Him for all He is and all He has done for you. (past tense)
  • Then Trust – and experience a Peace that surpasses understanding.

Sunday is the special offering for our missionaries. This is above our regular tithes and offerings. Thanks ahead for your support of the ministry of CCA. God honors generosity.