A few things we want you to know =)

A few things we want you to know =)

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a nice weekend.

A couple of things we wanted to let you know:

  1. This coming Sunday Deryl will update you on:
    1. what is going on with the hiring process for the associate minister. In March we had planned to bring Jason Jackson up here for a weekend event and that had to be canceled due to COVID-19 so we want you to know what is happening with that process.
    2. Deryl will also let you know what we are going to do with the special Easter offering.
  1. Please always feel free to ask one of the Elders if you have any questions about a choice or decision that the Elders make. They want you to know you can ask for clarification on any decisions. The Elders talk about things together and discuss things and ask questions of each other, but you guys don’t always get to know the questions that were asked and why a certain decision was made. So please feel free to contact Deryl, Rick or John if you ever have any questions about something.
  1. The Skit Guys are doing Bible Stories at 7:30PM CST. It’s on Facebook on the Skit Guys Facebook page. It’s called Bedtime Bible Stories but 7:30p CST is not our bedtime here in AK =) but your kids might still enjoy it. I listened to one this weekend and enjoyed it. They are funny. Young and Old would enjoy it.

Question to parents with elementary kids:

Would you be interested in a Bible class for your kids once a week? It would be on Zoom. A class kind of like they would get on Sunday moring or Wednesday nights.  If you are interested tell me what day of the week is a good day and what time is a good time.