success in dealing with people

success in dealing with people

Hello men,

We enjoyed an international Zoom meeting last week. People stayed on and kept talking and laughing after we officially ended. Good therapy. I hope you will schedule your time to meet us on Zoom at 8 am Saturday again (AKDT) . You can participate at the level you want.

We will discuss chapters 22 and 23 of Joshua. Bring an observation and a question with you.

There are 3 skill builders in these chapters that stick out to me that can make me more successful in dealing with people. These are skills that men who want to make a difference can use every day, in our jobs, communities, families, and friendships.

You are invited to gain insights and encouragement from men in your shoes around the world. Invite a group of your friends to join in, where you live. You will begin a new nucleus of leaders where you are.

Blessings on you and your families!

Building strong men in a weary world.


Let me know you plan to join 

Deryl Titus