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Sunday, Dec 4

During worship next week we will take our Christmas Mission Offering. We will send that money directly to 9 missionaries that CCA supports as a special Christmas gift to them personally. Also, immediately following worship next week we will have a congregational meeting to vote on the recommendation by the Elders to hire Roy Meyer as the Senior Minister. If you have any questions, this week, about Roy or this process please feel free to ask one of the Elders.

Next Sunday

Robert Rees with Pioneer Bible Translators will be preaching. Robert is another missionary that CCA supports monthly. Robert is working to translate different books of the Bible into a few different languages in India.

Mentor at Bowman

We are looking at partnering with Bowman Elementary again to provide adult mentors to students at Bowman. You could help with school work, help in the library, play at recess, there are a number of ways to help. If you are interested in working with students at Bowman let Mandy or Deryl know. There is a process to go through with an application and back ground check.

Christmas Mission Offering

Every Christmas we take a special offering to bless the missionaries of the missions we support. The offering we take will go directly to the missionaries and preachers to bless them and show them that we are thinking of them during Christmas. This offering will mean something extra special to them this year during the pandemic. Many of our missions have lost support during this time, because people have lost jobs, churches have lost income it all trickles down. These…

This weekend and next weekend

Hi CCA! I almost said, happy Friday, but it is not really Friday, although for some of us it is our “Friday”! YAY!! A couple things to remember: For Sunday please wear a face covering/mask to Sunday worship. It is required in all public places, we want to adhere to that =) The Jackson family arrives on Monday at 10:21pm.  Jason Jackson and his family are coming to interview for the position of Associate Minister. He will speak multiple times…