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Posts by Mandy Thomas (Page 3)

Day 5

Hi CCA, I hope your week is starting off well. Attached is Day 5 for Holy Week. It will be so different to celebrate at home on Easter this year. I love the Early Service at McHugh Creek and I will miss that terribly. Even though we don’t get to meet together this Easter, doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate. There are still things to celebrate: God is so good, God is unchanging and God is in control! In this time…

It’s Wednesday =)

Happy Wednesday!! Did you know it was Wednesday =) Attached is day 10 in our countdown to Easter. The days are off because for some reason the calendar doesn’t count Sundays (there are actually 12 days till Easter). There is something to do in the countdown for Sunday and I will send that on Sunday. Some other ideas in getting ready for Easter: If you are a Facebooker or Instagramer (I know terrible grammar) take pictures of you or you…

Couple things for this week

Hey Church! Here are a couple things to know for this week: Visit our website for an Easter Reading plan The sermon from Sunday is on Ustream in its entirety. There were some technical difficulties but the whole sermon is up on Ustream and you can re-watch it there or catch the end of it if you missed it. The last 2 Sunday’s our Core 52 Sunday School class has met over zoom and it has been really great! Here…

Couple questions

Happy Monday! So glad many of you joined us yesterday online! We will be doing that every Sunday morning and trying to improve along the way. If you haven’t already and want to, download the app Zoom. We will be doing Bible studies on them and Sunday morning Bible classes. You can download the app on your phone or tablet OR if you have a desktop or laptop you can still access ZOOM that way, it’s free. (if you are using…

Sunday Online Service

Hi Church! Hope your Friday is going well! We will sure miss seeing you this Sunday!! Below is the link you can click on to view the service on Sunday morning. It is also on our website and will be on our Facebook page too. The sermon will start at 11AM like usual, only this time from your own home =) We will have notes in YouVersion Events for you to follow along if you would like. At the…

YouVersion Prayer List

Hey Church, If you have YouVersion they just came out with a new update adding Prayer Request to the app. I have not tried it out yet but it looks neat! A way for us to pray for each other and some cool ways to keep track of what you praying for. Click on the link below to learn more. I have not played around with it yet, but just wanted to make everyone aware.

Fur Rondy Presence

We need your help staffing a table with Discipling materials during Fur Rondy. Talk to Deryl. We are finding out if CCA can be part of Rondy. We could influence people of our city and in many of the villages of Alaska.

New Song for Sunday – Man of Sorrows

Happy Friday! I hope you enjoyed the couple days of warmer temps before this next cold snap… Below is a YouTube link to a new song we are going to sing in worship on Sunday. Try to listen to it before hand so you can sing along on Sunday. Have a great weekend!

Learn The Truth About Sex Trafficking In America

Hi Church, This whole month is Human Trafficking awareness month. Below is a clip from a movie that will be showing at Tikatnu Theater next Thursday night, January 23rd. Trafficking is happening in our city. Last Friday KTVA did a news report about local trafficking. Priceless, a group in Anchorage who helps trafficked victims, said they have had 6 cases of teens trafficking other teens from Anchorage’s high schools. Love Alaska which is the umbrella that Priceless is under is…

Volunteers Needed

Teacher to teach the elementary kids on Wednesday nights every other month. Nursery workers for Sundays during worship service time at 11am. Class helpers in elementary Sunday School classes. We need volunteers for Sunday and Wednesday classes. It can be a monthly basis for a 6 month period. All our teachers go through the membership class and all teachers and helpers get a background check. Please see Mandy if you can help!

Christmas decorating & stocking stuffers

Hi Church! Happy Thanksgiving Eve! Just wanted to remind you that this Sunday, December 1st we will be decorating the inside of the church building for Christmas. We will feed you lunch after church, soup and salad. We need people to climb ladders and hang stuff up high, we need kids to help decorate the Christmas tree in the fellowship hall. There is something for everyone to help with. Plus, you will get exercise and a workout walking up and down…

“Hearts and Hands” Special Next Sunday

Our kids are singing a special, “Hearts and Hands” with Ernestine Dillard, led by Lonnie Liggitt. After the service we will have a reception for Ernestine & ARA. Please see the sign up sheet on the Back Table for help with finger foods. People from the Alzheimer’s Resource Center will be visiting that day as well.