Back To School Night

Back To School Night

Hello Church!

In 5 weeks we are hosting a Back To School Night at Bowman Elementary! It is Wednesday, August 1st 6-8pm at Bowman Elementary.

This summer we did not do Vacation Bible School in anticipation of the Back To School Event. We will need everyone helping to pull off the event at Bowman Elementary. This will be a big community outreach. We are hoping to bless families with school supplies to off set costs of starting school. Plus get our church out in the community, loving on our neighbors.

We are going to be giving away 200 backpacks filled with some school supplies, we are going to feed everyone there that night hotdogs, and we want to have some fun outdoor games for kids to play.

I ask that you be praying big prayers for this event. I have asked Fred Meyer, Walmart, Target, Kaladi Brothers, and Office Max for donations towards this event. We are hoping those stores will provide most if not all the backpacks and school supplies. Be praying that this will be accomplished. That we will get 200 backpacks and 200 items for each school supply we asked for.

Be praying that God will do BIG things through CCA that night. Things we couldn’t even imagine.

Be praying about how you can be involved. We need people to cook hotdogs that night, we need people to set up and run simple outdoor games for kids and we will need people to “man” the table where we will be giving out the backpacks.

This is a one-night event. Please be making sure you have the night open to help.