This Weekend

This Weekend

Hello Church ?

We have to fit a lot of warmth and sunshine into 3 months. I sat outside with Kelly and my youngest granddaughter tonight before dinner… warmth from God and family!! Good stuff.

Sunday, I am going to introduce 2 of the young men of CCA. They helped with Junior Camp last week. They were extraordinary. If they weren’t the best teens I have worked with, they are in the top percentile. I have asked them to share what they got out of the camp environment and from being leaders to younger children. Plan on hearing them and encouraging their future.

Would you read Acts chapter 14 before Sunday. Would you look for things in the chapter that speak to you. Do some background research. Notice the ideas that might help you in your walk and witness.

Keep your eyes open to the fingerprints identifying God participating in your life, even turning events around to his and your advantage.

God bless and live to be a blessing. In the Heritage of Abraham, Genesis 12.3