Food Donations for Summer Camp

Food Donations for Summer Camp

Hello CCA church family!

Summer Camp is quickly approaching! In preparation for Jr
Camp, we are beginning to gather food donations from local
congregations to help the camp keep cost down. Here is a
list of food items for your group. Any help you can give
would be great! These items have only been given to your
congregation in order to avoid repetition. Thank you very

Greatland Christian Camp Association

We generally try to buy for 40 people, unless a specific
amount is requested.

Butter (4 lb)
Cottage Cheese ( 4 large containers)
Sliced American Cheese
Sour Cream (large container)
Yogurt (large container for parfaits)

Fruit and Vegetables
Salad Mix
Carrot Sticks

Cold Cereal

Salad Dressing
Brownie Mix
Large Cans of Powdered Juice Mix (2)
Box of assorted small bags of chips
#10 Can of Refried Beans (1)
#10 Cans of Chili

You can bring your food donations to the church office by June 10th or you can donate money toward food.