Checking In

Checking In

Hello Church ?

Are you seeing God’s fingerprints on your life’s work today? Sometimes they sure seem smudged by the sludge don’t they. You have to search hard for them at times, but trust Him, they are there!

Here’s a quick 4 things that will get you thinking about the opportunity to Praise our victorious King this Sunday:

  1. Megan York from Boise Bible College has been helping us for a month in youth camp and getting ready for the Bowman Blessing, Back to school event this coming Wednesday. Hope you plan to help your church bless the school. She and Mandy will be on the radio on Monday. KAFC 93.7. (during 8:15-10am. Timeframe)
  2. This is Megan’s last Sunday, so this is an offering day to thank Megan and help in her last year of tuition at Boise. To me, this is an investment. An eternal one. Hope you can see your way clear to be generous.
  3. Sunday I will preach from Acts 15.36-41 – “Do you want to be right? Or do you want to be righteous?” and next Sunday from Acts 16.1-5 “A Child and his Church”. Read ahead and think ahead.
  4. This Sunday, 10 am during small group time, we load Bowman backpacks. 12:30, we load my trailer with tables and chairs.

Looking forward to worship, seeing your smiling faces.