Success probably isn’t an accident

Success probably isn’t an accident

Hello Church,

God tells us The Church is the pillar and support to the truth. Crime, theft, violence, murder have been on my radar and probably yours, these past months. Where are these people coming from?

They are coming from families.

Sunday, I am preaching on “A Child and his Church” from Acts 16.1-5. I have been thinking about how The Church can bring to the community, the concepts of truth, eternal existence, human value, God, accountability, using your life for important things, etc. Please read those verses and think about your family and your ministry to other families.

I spoke with a man running for office about some of these things and his research suggests it takes generations to get out of poverty. Maybe takes that for a criminal mentality as well.

Tonight we visit with some families in our community. An opportunity to help some imagine truth??

“Lord, may you have favor tonight with Bowman Elementary, staff, students and parents!” 11700 Gregory Rd. Join us 6-8 pm. Help set up at 5 if you can.

Here’s something to get you thinking about the plans you want to make for a school year of growing your faith and witness (you might think it’s only talking about money):