countdown to Christmas

countdown to Christmas

Hello CCA ?

I hope this is a whole month of celebration and anticipation for you. Here’s a thought about this season upon us:

What is it about Christmas? Our church office is full of gifts purchased and handmade, awaiting delivery to others. Why do people pull out the stops and pull from their savings to give gifts of love and expressions of benevolence to people, some whom they don’t even know? There is something about Christmas. Something different than any other day in our year. What is it? It isn’t the winter. It isn’t the beginning of daylight slowly increasing. It certainly isn’t the long shopping lines. What is it about Christmas that makes us different people; and even makes the “difficult grinches” different?

What makes Christmas is what it brings out in us. We are made to give; made for benevolent caring. It’s in our DNA. We are children who have the characteristics of our Father. You have characteristics of your father; you also have characteristics of your Heavenly Father. Every birth contains DNA of our original PARENT, Creator God. He is a generous God and that trait is buried in our makeup; each one of us. It may be buried under layers of resentment and hardness, but it’s there. It begins to appear when he find our true nature; the one we are “born” with. And we uncover it when we discover our kinship to our Creator; God Almighty.

That’s what makes Christmas what it is – the story of giving. The story of lost and found. The story of significance. The story of love unbounded. The story of reunion with the God of Heaven who has been long forgotten but adored by each who rediscovers their original heritage and family ties.

Spread The Family wealth as you go about these wondrous days. Spread the cheer of Christmas. Spread the celebration of the New Birth of Christmas. Spread the generosity of caring. You become more and more like your Father in Heaven.

Say, “God bless” when you finish a conversation with a stranger. You don’t know how God has been working in their life recently.

A Christian, knowing as we do, the background of Christmas is a powerful resource of help in our world.

Celebrate your influence!

Deryl Titus