New Year’s and more.

New Year’s and more.

Hello CCA ?

I hope this season has been one of celebration overall. There are usually some memories or events that tend to bring us down, but I hope you have been able to rejoice and take inventory of your blessings. Where things might be tough, be thankful that God has given us 2 valuable qualities: there are people we love and people who love us dearly. Reach out to one!

New Year’s Eve:

If you don’t get a better offer before tomorrow night please feel invited to come over to our place for snacks, games, fellowship, and bringing in the New Year with its unknown opportunities. Please give me a shout back so Kelly and I know you’re coming and we can plan enough goodies. 8pm – Midnight; you can come for part or all. Bring a snack or drink to share.

Wherever you welcome in the New Year, stay safe, smart and grateful.

May you let God use you in ways far above your pay grade. He wants to. He only needs willing and pliable people (though He has used unwilling ones too). All the heroes of the Bible had baggage and wished they could do more. You’re in a good place if serving The Master is high on your list of applications for 2020.

Enjoy the reward of His presence.