Couple things to note =)

Couple things to note =)

Hi Church!

It was so great to be together again in person this past Sunday! Here are a few things to note:

Alex is working hard on the streaming. There may be some kinks along the way. Bear with us =)

After services are over, Deryl will be waiting outside by the front door to greet you. It is especially important that after the 9am service you fellowship outside. Per city guidelines, we need to sanitize things before the next service, and it can be a little difficult to sanitize with people fellowshipping and retouching things that get sanitized =) We know you have missed the fellowship, but please visit outside, maybe go to lunch together or plan a different time to get together. Thank you for understanding =)

Also, I wanted to make sure that you know that you can go to either service. You don’t have to go to the 11am service if you have kids, you can go to the 9am service and vice versa, if you have older teens or no kids at all you can come to the 11am service. Anyone is welcome at either service. Just wanted people to know that it wasn’t exclusive =) We offered a different option for people with children, because we are not having nursery, preschool or children’s classes. So please don’t feel like you have to go to one service or the other. You are welcome at either.

For June and July Deryl’s sermon series will be “Becoming the Masterpiece God created you to be” 8 truths for living God’s way. If you have a specific subject, you would like Deryl to study/research and preach on send me an email back and let me know.