Ustream to YouTube transition

Ustream to YouTube transition

CCA members and friends,

This is just to let you know that we will be transitioning from Ustream to our YouTube page for our live streams. Within the next two weeks we will be pulling all the videos from our Ustream page and moving them to our YouTube page. My hope is to be done with that by the end of this week.
One of the main reasons for the transition is the cost involved in using the Ustream service. When we went to doing live services it was just easier to use something we had used before, we already had an account so it made the transition and implementation very easy.

We will be conducting some tests over the next couple weeks to make sure that our stream quality is good and the settings are all correct. To access the YouTube stream just simply search for CCA-Anchorage on YouTube. If you have an account you can subscribe to the page. By subscribing to our page will get notification anytime we go live on YouTube. If you do not have an account just book mark the page in your browser.

We are also looking for people who are willing to learn how to do this process of streaming online. If you are interested in doing so please let me know and I will be glad to get some training going for you. This is definitely a new ministry opportunity that will be very important to the church now and in the future.

Our first test will be tonight streaming the worship practice so you can get to see how that all happens. It’s nothing too exciting but it gives us an opportunity to run the test we need to do. Thank you for your patience as we make this transition

Alex Cortez
Worship Director
Christian Church of Anchorage