doing everything in your power to see your kids safely to Heaven

doing everything in your power to see your kids safely to Heaven

Hello Church,

I am still calculating the impact of conversations in the Mall during Fur Rondy. This one stood out uniquely: one lady, a touch older than I, said her mom took her to church when she was young, but she didn’t take her kids to church. I need to call that – Tragic! She was very pleasant. I had a great conversation with her. But how can you follow-through in doing nothing for the Spiritual shaping of your kids and grandkids? Eternity is for all the marbles. You will live forever in one of two places; and it will be yours by the choices you make. Parents sacrifice greatly to provide the best they can for their children; yet why would a ‘knowing’ person do less than leave Eternity to chance; and deliberately ignore proving that God is the BEST you could know and love? (I would add – this condition is not irrecoverable! So don’t fail to start now, even to ‘catch up’)

We start a Visionary Parenting study this Wednesday. The author said, “I had no plan to pass my faith to my children.” God revealed his error and he started Visionary Family so no one else leaves this to chance.

When it comes to the spiritual training of your children – No one else can replace you in the primary role as heart shaper, as you, parents.

It is never too early and it is never too late to shape the hearts of your children toward God.

Can I suggest that you clear your Wednesday evenings to be inspired, informed and encouraged by others in a small group to shape your children to make a difference for Christ and his kingdom. That would include grandparents as well.

Blessings on into Eternity…