Hello CCA 

Anchorage, 1 degree.

Prepare but don’t panic!


Romans chapter 8 has been a clear and comforting chapter for generations and generations of Christians over the years. Today, it is the GPS map for our hope and daily walk with Jesus. It shows destination, way-points and provides course corrections to assure our arrival.

There are four things in this chapter that are wonderful: There is no condemnation. There is no sin that overpowers you. God has surprising good in store for you. And, nothing can separate you from God – ever. We will use the last two in the next two Sundays. It will take you 6 minutes to listen to the chapter and fewer to read it. Please do so to form your own thoughts to add to mine this Sunday. Pass this email on to someone who might not receive it. You could invite them to worship and wonder and listen and learn with you Sunday.


We have had dozens of conversations at the Mid Town Mall during Rondy. We have shared the Gospel a couple times, that I know of; encouraged many believers to engage in church because the church needs them; given Discipling material to people from many villages and possibly to an International few.

Stop by and visit our table through next Sunday evening. You could stay for an hour or two and have a conversation with those that God directs your way.

Look for His fingerprints today.