Easter Expression #10

Easter Expression #10

Why I am Glad I Found Out about the Resurrection …

For a stretch of weeks, the families in our congregation have been steadily hit with death – it seems more than usual. Death, and the grieving that follows, are two of the most heart wrenching events we have to endure. Such an overwhelming sadness can break the heart, and the countenance, of the most stoic person, at the loss of a special person in their life. Death itself generates fear, unease, unsureness, loneliness, deep sorrow.

People will say, “you have to move on”  or  “time will ease the pain” or “life will get back to normal” – but, in my experience at least, that is not entirely true. The sharp pain of loss recedes after a time, but death permanently changes those who remain. The loss, rather than going away, becomes a part of who you now are. Once having experienced deep grief and loss, we are forever changed.

Jesus recognized and acknowledged the evil and destruction of death, and it’s true source – and He did something about it. He overcame it. How pointless our belief would be in a dead Lord! How empty any happiness or future that only ends in death!

I am glad I found out about the Resurrection so I can have hope of something better, and a purpose in life. I can continue on after my loss, because I know that Christ overcoming death, means that each one who believes also will overcome death.

And while we are still alive, the Resurrection means there is nothing too dead for Him to revive. He can bring life back into any situation, or into anyone.

His victory gives me courage to endure all the tragedy this life can bring, but it also gives me the hope to appreciate every earthly delight, every moment of love, every gift He gives.

Hallelujah – Christ is Risen Indeed!