Easter Impact

Easter Impact

Hello Church,

However you picture the Resurrection in your mind, we live a different life and with a different hope because of what Jesus has done for us.

Our Easter time together was a great honor and tribute to Jesus. Thank you for being with us and the heartfelt worship you gave. It was a big day! And you are probably still sorting through all the thoughts generated from yesterday. That’s ok, Easter is a lot to wrap our brain around?

If some of your friends came to be with you – great! Ask them what they received from the day. Ask them if they would join you again this Sunday for Family Dedication, whether they have family here or not. If no one came whom you invited, don’t lose heart. Invite them back for Family Dedication this week. At least you have planted a seed that The Holy Spirit can use to draw their interest.

Thank you for your heart of worship that made the day such a blessing for all of us.

A large group of you had multiple parts in preparing for this big day. Thank you for your work that may have been observable and it may have been hidden in the background. God appreciates your service of gratitude to him and the influence you made on the people who were our guests yesterday.

Keep praying that the people who came and the people of Anchorage will continue to open their hearts to the message of our Risen Lord and Savior.

May the impact of Easter continue with you all the days ahead.