fasting and prayer #2

fasting and prayer #2

Hello CCA,

What has God been speaking to you as you speak to him? Last night we prayed with 2 other people and the comment was made that it “seems more powerful as more pray for the same thing.” Jesus suggested that might happen when he said “where 2 or 3 are gathered in my name, I am in your midst”. When God’s people pray for the same thing there is unity and singular purpose. In this case praying for the sweep of God’s Spirit across Anchorage this Easter season.

Pray for the man and his family who will join us in ministry to Anchorage. Pray that God is preparing the person He wants for CCA. How exciting to ask God to use us, to shape us, to empower us to make a difference in the lives of more people. Pray that God’s Spirit is already working on people we work with, people who are our neighbors, people who are our friends and not involved in any church in town. Invite these people to join you in the greatest celebration of the year – the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The word ‘Kingdom’ came across my radar this morning as I was praying. Jesus said “nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom” … (before he returns). “The kingdom is constantly used in connection with the rule of Christ in the hearts of believers”. Cause that rule to expand in Anchorage. You are doing the best you possibly can for the people you talk to, when you help them yield to the rule of Christ in their life. Ask The Holy Spirit to arrive before you, as you start a conversation about God with someone you meet this day.

May God bless your sincerity shown by your prayers for the Expansion of His Kingdom.