I want to read the Bible

I want to read the Bible

Hello CCA

I want to read the Bible. But you know how busy just gets in the way. I jump out of bed and I’m already behind. What if I had the Bible with me everywhere I go? At the stoplight while I’m driving, while I’m waiting in line at DMV or anywhere. Well that’s what YouVersion is. I can read the Bible anywhere. I can read the Bible and ask questions of it with friends. Last Thanksgiving Rick Elliott invited me to do a Bible devotional as a group of three. I couldn’t figure out how to make it work – I forgot about it. Then I was looking at doing some personal reading for some study I was doing for church. It asked me if I wanted to do it with some friends. So I invited a group of people – turned out it went all over the world – Thailand, Sweden, Japan, Australia … and about six US states. Lots of new people put the YouVersion Bible app on their phone for the first time. Then I did one with families in our church. And I did one with some men. Then I encouraged these folks to host one of their own. And now I get requests from others who say “would you join me in reading this devotion” I get about four requests a week from others … and it’s wonderful. I get friend requests from children of friends of mine. I encourage you to get the app called YouVersion. It will help you read the Bible. It will help you get closer to the God who loves you. It will help you use the power of Jesus Christ that was talked about last Sunday. You will grow in your faith, you will have the power of Christ in your home. You can get advice from excellent church leaders around the world. Get your friends involved and you help their families, you help them, you will be more of a friend than you ever knew you could be. Go to YouVersion now and watch the video about YouVersion celebrating 10 years. It’s pretty exciting being part of over 1 million people who are reading God‘s Word every day because it’s easy and fun and powerful. God‘s Word will do what he sends it to do – the Bible says that – God promises that. God promises that for you.

Have a blessed morning because God is in it. Deryl Titus

Here’s the YouTube link if you don’t have YouVersion yet:

The App will look like this in the App Store. There’s one for your kids too.