Independence Day

Independence Day

Even reading this, (for me, thinking of it) means we are living in the fruit of declaring independence. Declaring it did not mean we had it. We had to fight for it still. I will jump back and forth between us today and the men who signed the document. The future was unknown. What would a new world for us look like? Would we be able to “make it”? Would it prove to be better than the system we had been living under? What new journeys and difficult crossing would we face? Would others appreciate it and step forward to assist? Would ‘Providence’ prove sufficient? What new thinking and planning and exertion would be required?

Our only certainty is that we cannot live the way we are now. We must have liberty. What we have now in our country could not have been imagined when the “declaration” was announced. Cross continent road and rail systems. Cross continent communication and unity. The leading nation of the world… and much more inexpressible.

This is the independence we experience as children of God. We cannot foretell what our future holds. But we refuse to live in the clutches of an enemy who uses us for his diabolic purposes. We know the future will bear its difficulties, but we know its future will be astounding and surprising. We know we will experience a learning curve because we have lived in a fallen system all our lives to this point, but we welcome the lessons. Our weakness will require the intervention of the Strong One and we anticipate wondrous outcomes.

Our God has this in mind for us. He invites us to enjoy a world that he is designing for us, now and eternally. The anticipation and wonder make me smile. Smile with me on this journey. We know something that others don’t know. (And they need to don’t they)

God bless, you his people.

Living in The Kingdom – Now. Enjoy the day and the thoughts. And the appreciation of those before us.

Deryl Titus

See you Sunday, I hope. Fellowship with The One who is still Creating, fellowship with mutual travelers, hearing from two men of God involved in unique settings, inspiration to expect “more than we can ask and imagine” (see Ephesians 3.20). Oh, and seeing Megan York whom we came to love as our intern last summer.