lesson 8 in Unshakable Hope

lesson 8 in Unshakable Hope


Hello CCA

Have you done much reading in scripture about the Christian’s information about what happens when death confronts us or our loved ones? This is a good chance to be aware so you aren’t left to doubt or speculation, like those who don’t have the advantage of God’s Word. This Sunday is lesson 8 and you can read a great presentation in chapter 10 “This temporary tomb” in the book: “Unshakable Hope.”

We can anticipate our resurrection by viewing the resurrection of Christ. This will also tell us what will happen when we pass from this life. I like the term that Max Lucado uses, we “pass on”, not “pass away.”

And he writes, “Jesus Christ rose from the dead, not just to show you his power, but also to reveal your path.” You will again get to see your loved ones who are ‘in Christ.’ Which compels us to get our friends ready for their “great day.”

Here are some preparatory ideas:

Aren’t you glad that we have God‘s Word, the Bible, to show us what God is going to do in the future so we do not have to guess like the rest of the world?

Why is belief in the resurrection such a critical part of the Christian faith? When Jesus returns everything will be made new. How would you describe seeing yourself “as you were meant to be.”

Read first Corinthian’s 15.20 – 23 and 15.50 – 58. What encouragement do these passages provide about the future?

Read Luke 23.39 to 43. What was the unshakable hope for the one thief on the cross?

Read Matthew 25.31 to 46. How do these words of Jesus comfort you? What concerns did they raise in you?

Read 2 Peter 3.9 through 14. How can you anchor your hope in this passage when the trials of your day seem overwhelming?

The key verse for this week’s promise is 1 Corinthians 15.54. The last part of it says that death has been swallowed up in victory. What does “swallowed up in victory” mean to you?

May your future be even more rooted in Unshakable Hope from your study this week.