this Sunday

this Sunday


Hello CCA

I am looking forward to sharing the next Promise in our series Unshakable Hope. Jesus understands our weaknesses and stands ready to deliver us from weaknesses and worries.

Also this Sunday we will pray for Haiti and one of our Missionaries, Steve Prophete and Haitian Christian Mission. Here are excerpts:

“Haiti has been going through some terrible violent turmoil the last few years. When no one in Haiti has felt safe to budge from their homes except the thugs and troublemakers, the mission activities still continue the same. The churches are packed and bursting at the seam. The people continue to pray for peace, progress and prosperity. They keep praying that the missionaries would be able to come visit, teach, preach, treat patients, feed the hungry and mingle with them to bring hope to the disheartened. For the first time in 15 years, no teams of Americans have come to help us in our work this summer. The volatile political situation caused the US to give Haiti a level 4 Travel Advisory… “Do Not Travel”.

We will pray for Haiti and HCM this Sunday. Start early. Read the emails that Mandy has sent this week.

Read ahead and think about the upcoming Promise: God gets you. Chapter 7 in Unshakeable Hope.

Here are the first questions:

How does Jesus’ humanity give you a greater appreciation of his ability to understand what you face in this life?

How does Jesus’s deity give you confidence in his ability to overcome anything your face?

How does Jesus’s sinlessness actually help him to understand the Temptations you will face even more?

Are you troubled in spirit? He was too. (John 12: 27) 

Are you so anxious you could die? He was too. (Matt. 26: 38) 

Are you overwhelmed with grief? He was too. (John 11: 35) 

Have you ever prayed with loud cries and tears? He did too. (Heb. 5: 7)

““Now my soul is deeply troubled. Should I pray, ‘Father, save me from this hour’? But this is the very reason I came!”  John 12:27 NLT

Open your schedule for Sunday with Christ’s Church,

Deryl Titus