making the world better

making the world better

CCA men and beyond.

Since we are in a new age of not being able to meet in person, we are forced to find creative ways to teach and encourage each other. Our Saturday men’s studies can go interstate and intercontinental. I hope you realize that God wants to use each of you to “touch” people spiritually during this time even if we can’t touch them physically. We are using Zoom to visually and verbally connect with people. We have used it a half dozen times in the past 2 weeks and it is valuable to see the faces of people we know and love; and some who have moved away.

We are studying the life of Joshua as a mentor to becoming the men that God can use in ways above our ‘pay-grace’.

  • So, if you would like to join the Zoom connection Saturday morning at 8 am AKDT; send a response back – “I’m in” and I will send a link to join. Load Zoom on your computer or device.
  • Read Joshua chapters 13-16. You might find it easier to listen to these chapters. But take notes as you listen.
  • Bring 2 questions with you to the group. Here’s a couple of mine for you to ponder. Why does the bible include a whole list of boring cities? Why didn’t the Levites get land? Joshua left work to be done. How would you apply that to yourself? What happened because they didn’t drive our all the inhabitants? What do you read about Caleb? And who is he?

You are invited to join a growing group of guys who recognize that God wants them to leave a mark.