Couple things for this week

Couple things for this week

Hey Church!

Here are a couple things to know for this week:

Visit our website for an Easter Reading plan

The sermon from Sunday is on Ustream in its entirety. There were some technical difficulties but the whole sermon is up on Ustream and you can re-watch it there or catch the end of it if you missed it.

The last 2 Sunday’s our Core 52 Sunday School class has met over zoom and it has been really great! Here is a note from Rich Ziehmer, he is leading the class:

“This past Sunday in the Core 52 Bible study we discussed the Supernatural.  The key points were on heaven, hell, angels and demons and how there is an additional realm going on around us.   There were 13 in class.  The discussion was very good, our 45 minutes flew by.   However, the best part was seeing faces and hearing voices of our brothers and sisters.  Great fellowship. 

I brought up the author Frank Peretti.  He wrote a couple of novels on spiritual warfare and the power of prayer.  I failed to mention the names of the books.  They are This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness

We are using the Zoom conferencing platform.  A tablet, smart phone or laptop and the Zoom app is all you need.   If anyone wants to take part in the class, please send Mandy or Deryl your mobile phone number and/or email address.   They will make sure that you get added to the invitation.”

I attached 3 pictures that are ideas to start talking about Easter at home. I will send a picture every day through email or text. I forgot yesterday. I will also be sending some more Easter ideas. Even though we won’t get to celebrate Easter all together at church that day, you can and should still celebrate together in your home. We will have the sermon live that day as per our new usual =)

  • Dress up for Easter Sunday
  • Decorate your house
  • Plan an Easter egg hunt in your house or yard

One fun thing to try at home with some friends is playing a game over Facetime. My family did this the other night with Deryl and Kelly. We all had dice at home, so we played one of our favorite games, “10,000” over FaceTime and played together. Think of different ways to interact with your friends and family even though we can’t be close. For instance, you could have Easter lunch with each other over FaceTime or Skype or Zoom. =)

Sorry that email was longer than expected! =) Take care! We sure miss you all!!